At the Montana Department of Labor & Industry our goal is to make safety a part of the workplace culture. To achieve that goal, we provide free safety education and training through our signature event: SafetyFestMT.

What is SafetyFestMT?

SafetyFestMT provides free quality training to employers and their workers throughout Montana. Just as the needs of each community in Montana are diverse and unique so is each SafetyFest. Every event is geared towards the community hosting it.

Along with a core curriculum consisting of classes such as OSHA 10-Hour General Industry, OSHA 10-Hour Construction, Work Comp 101, Stay at Work/Return to Work, and others; SafetyFest provides classes that are geared towards specific needs of the region.

Whether you’re a seasoned safety professional, or just getting started; you can pick and choose the classes you need. SafetyFest has tools to help you create a culture of safety in your workplace.

Who Attends SafetyFestMT?

To date thousands of Montanans from a variety of industries have attended SafetyFest. Business owners, front line managers, employees, safety professionals, job seekers and average citizens have attended SafetyFest. The variety of classes offered allows for a more diverse audience.

We encourage you, whether you work in the trades, on a farm or in an office to attend an upcoming event in your area.

Click on the link to see the statistics from SafetyFestMT: Missoula 2017

Congratulations to the 2016 Governor’s Safety Achievement Award Recipients: WBI Energy, Hill County Electric & Triangle Communications & Yellowstone County.


Request a Consultation

If you would like to reduce workplace safety and health hazards in your business you can request a free consultation with the Department of Labor & Industry's Consultation Services.  These services are confidential and will not result in any fines or penalites.